Chapter II Part Two



THE Mediterranean race is short, gracefully slender, with an average height for the men of about 1.60 metres. The Mediterranean figure has the effect of a smaller Nordic one, the relative length of the legs is even more pronounced than in the Nordic race. On no account, therefore, should the Mediterranean race be represented as squat or thick-set; it is graceful and slender down to every detail of its build; and the slender effect is hardly lessened by the broad hips of the Mediterranean woman.


Figs. 53, 54 Female Mediterranean skull, Sk, 75.84, F, 94.21

The shape of the head is the same as in the Nordic race; the Mediterranean race is, too, long-headed and narrow-faced, and has the back of the head projecting over the nape. The forehead, however, compared with the Nordic forehead, is perhaps relatively somewhat lower, and its backward slope is not so great nor the surface so flat, but somewhat more rounded towards the sides, so that it goes backward in a vault rather than in a plane. The nose is relatively somewhat shorter, and is seldom so sharply drawn as is often seen in the Nordic race; but it is likewise generally straight, or slightly curved outwards. The chin is less prominent and more rounded. The resulting profile has a softer look than the Nordic. If the Nordic race inclines to a sharp, bold profile, the Mediterranean inclines to a pleasant, agreeable, as it were more womanly, profile.

The fleshy parts show perhaps more of an inclination than in the Nordic race to a slight fullness; the mouth is perhaps somewhat broader; the lips are fuller, slightly more puffed out; and the nose is perhaps rather more fleshy. The skin is brownish, and gives the impression of a warm suppleness. The blood hardly shows through, so that red cheeks are not usual; and the lips are bluish, cherry-coloured, rather than red. The texture of the hair is sometimes smooth or sleek, but oftener curly; each hair is thin and soft. The colouring is brown or black and has no golden undertone, such as is still found with very dark blond hair. The dark eyebrows are perhaps somewhat thicker than in the Nordic race. The beard is brown or black, and fairly thick.

The eyes are brown to brown-black, and likewise have a warm colour-tone. The expression of the eyes is lively, bright, and merry.

Fig. 55 Chile, South America
Mediterranean or predominantly Mediterranean

Fig. 56 Distinguished Brazilian, Mediterranean

Fig. 57 Corsica, Mediterranean

Fig. 58 England (Wales)

Fig. 59 Italy, Puccini, Dinaric strain

Fig. 60 Algeria, Negro strain

Fig. 61 - Algeria

Fig. 62 - France (Lyons)

Fig. 63 Corsica, Dinaric or S. W. Asiatic strain

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