The name is derived from the Aran Isles in Ireland, where this special Nordid type may be found.


An altered Keltic Nordid, largely the product of isolation and inbreeding, of racial dimensions for which no continental prototype can been found.


The Aran Nordid population is taller, longer-legged, leaner, and lighter in weight than most other Irish groups.

The type is characterized by a great head length and an exceptionally low head height, a very long face and nose, and an excess of blue eyes and golden and red hair. The low-headedness seems to be borne by the least blond element in the Aran population. The breadth-length index is mesocephalic (77.8) and the length-height index orthocephalic (60.7).

The temporal planes converge, and the vault is cylindrical when seen in the front view. This feature, in less exaggerated form, is a cranial diagnostic of the Keltic Iron Age type in general.


Examples from The Races of Europe (Carleton S. Coon 1939):

 (Aran)              (Aran)

Further examples:

(from National Geographic)

Geographical distribution:

The Aran type is only found among the hypermarginal and culturally conservative Gaelic speakers of the Aran Isles, off Ireland's west coast.

Related or similar types:

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